Thursday, November 17, 2011

11/17 I am thankful for...

I am thankful for frogs.  Two nights ago Curtis was out with Kenny and they came across a pretty big frog (or, "Fowler's Toad" possibly). Well apparently Kenny went for him but luckily he was on leash so Curtis stopped him, and eventually the frog hopped away.  I was kinda sad to have missed the frog. 

Then last night, when Curtis went to take Kenny out, I heard this strange smacking noise near the door. I went down there and discovered that a tiny frog, size of a quarter, found its way into our house! Super cute, and he seemed scared. I was able to get him in a Tupperware and when i went to find Curtis and Kenny outside, I came across the same big frog from the night before (his body was the size of my fist)! Anyway, I released the little frog near that big frog with the hope that they were related and its home was nearby.  It was a cold morning today so hopefully they're okay. First time I've really had an interaction with frogs in the wild, and I am thankful because it put a smile on my face (plus I've heard they're good luck!).

Tonight I'm going to take my camera out with the hopes of getting a picture of the big frog. 

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