Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why I love Trader Joe's

I realize this is a silly post, but after Trader Joe's put me in such a good mood this afternoon after a tough day, I couldn't help but reflect...

1. The prices are unmatched. Really, being able to buy snacks for 1.99 each, is life-changing.
2. The food is good.
3. The emphasis on organic, natural food is great. I'm trying to eat more all-natural/organic because a bridal magazine told me to, and at Trader Joe's most of their foods are one or both.
4. The employees are friendly.
5. It's down the street from my house

I probably bought more than I should have today because I broke the rule of not going to the store hungry. But at least I got more for my money there and now I'm feeling much better since I ate :-)

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

I, too, have an unabashed love for Trader Joe's. When I lived in Washington DC I did all my grocery shopping there because it was so much cheaper than the other stores.