Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Updates - 1/27/09

Flowers from Curtis :-)

As much as I hate to see time fly, I'm happy that this month is almost over. It's been really busy, really tough, and the whole time I was waiting for grades (we'll get to that later).

The first big announcement is that I'm going to Portland this weekend!! I had the opportunity to attend the Western Region Black Law Students Association (BLSA) Convention. Anyway I'm leaving on Friday, attending events on Friday night and all day Sunday, and then I'll see my cousin (and bridesmaid) Molly for a few hours before I fly back. I'm very excited about the opportunity to attend a BLSA event and the chance to get out of town for a few days (it's been so long since I've really traveled). Anyway, I'll have pictures next week :-).

Weekend: My dad and I went to Stanford Leading Matters at the LA Convention Center all day Saturday. It was a really great experience that I recommend to anyone who is affiliated with Stanford. They're having one in SF later this year and in Orange County either next year or in 2011. There were two paneled sessions with current faculty and we got to choose which ones to go to. My dad and I went to one on the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution and one on foreign policy in the new administration. Pretty soon all the talks should be on iTunes and I plan to give CD's of some of them to a few professors. After the talks there was a reception and dinner. They showed some incredible multimedia programs on giant wide screens, and had sets that resembled the Stanford quad. I got a picture of the quad and of one of the desserts offered.

Overall, it was a great experience that I'd definitely recommend.

Law School: Law School is BUSY, but I think I've finally hit my stride in terms of energy and motivation. I had a really hard time getting into the groove this time around. I don't know whether it was because I was worried about grades, or because I was probably still sick, but I was extremely tired and had a lot of trouble sleeping. And whenever I don't sleep...I start going a little nutty.

I finally got all my grades and the good news is that I'm happy with my performance this semester. I'm still in the job application process but no where near the end of it. I had a mock interview with a local attorney earlier tonight that was a great - she gave me some very useful advice. My classes are getting more interesting. One new thing this semester is that I'm working in a study group with three other women in my section. We are meeting weekly to go over class material. So far it's been a really effective use of study time, and it doesn't hurt that we all enjoy each other's company.

Wedding: nothing new on the wedding front, other than that I made a few insignificant changes to the website.

Other: 2 big things that I'm missing this week because of school are the Stanford vs. USC and the Stanford vs. UCLA basketball games, both in LA. I'm extremely bummed, and it's likely that I won't even be able to watch the games on TV, so please cheer on my behalf if you do watch (or, in the alternative, cheer against Kal, who is also playing both USC and UCLA this weekend).

And I've joined Twitter. My ID is ceh2011 if you want to follow me :-)

Have a good week.

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sam c.hart jr said...

Cute flowers! Hope he enjoyed them. Enjoy your trip. We'll look forward to the update.