Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twenty-Six on Catalina

Yesterday was by 26th Birthday. My celebration has been, as usual, awesome. My good friends Jackie & Josh took me to Catalina to go zip lining, and we also ended up having enough time for an hour of kayaking in perfect weather! I bought a cute straw fedora and a short dress, and overall had a fabulous time. Zip Lining was so fun! I'd love to go again, the views were great and the ride is awesome. It actually isn't as scary as you would think, or maybe I was just feeling a little more daring on my birthday :-).  Here's a video of my last run.

And some pictures...

Birthday Cheesecake

Me riding down the line!
I also got some fabulous gifts, and am overall very happy about a wonderful birthday celebration. The fact that I'm now on the other side of my 20s hasn't quite set it yet, but it still feels good to be happy and healthy another year.

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