Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Camp: July 31-Aug 6

As I've probably mentioned before, one of my favorite parts of summer when I was in high school was spending a week at Lazy W Ranch for our [United Methodist] church district's Senior High Camp (entering 9th grade - exiting 12th). In 2007 I was able to serve on the Staff as a counselor, and this was the first year I was able to do it again.

Overall, it was a tiring, but great week. Our kids were awesome. They were so willing to share from the very beginning, and had so much enthusiasm during our worship throughout the week. It's neat too because one of the deans in charge of the camp was a counselor when I was a camper, and our music/worship leader was also there back then (Matt Neely) so to be able to do camp with both of them was fantastic. My cabin was so fun, I loved all of our girls, and my "family group" (small group) was also wonderful, so vocal and so fun.

Cabin 9!
My Family Group!
 For me, it was also a great way for me to reconnect with God after a very challenging three years in law school. It made me realize going forward that it would be really important for me to build on this week to try and revitalize my spirit and my relationship with God. I am so far behind what I was when I was the campers' age, and not because I was purposefully disconnecting with God, but rather because I allowed all of life's distractions to get in the way. One of my goals as part of my new life in Alabama will be to find a church where I'm comfortable, join a bible study, and try to worship more frequently.

In other news, I need to decide what to do about facebook. I had a personal 500 friend limit, mostly as a way to make sure that everyone I was friends with I cared to see what they were up to now and again, and to give me a schedule for re-evaluating. Now that camp has produced an influx of friends, I have to decide whether to let the limit go for now or try to get back down to 500. I'll probably wait until I have a chunk of time to work on it. :-) 

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