Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Car!

After several months of looking for a car, doing a ton of research, and keeping track of used cars on the market, I signed the papers tonight and brought home this baby!

It's actually more green/teal than it looks in this photo. At least it's not silver (I don't like silver cars and half of Toyota's cars seemingly are Silver - drives me nuts).

It is a 2007 Rav-4, with about 50,000 mi, Four Wheel Drive (for the Pennsylvania snow in 2013-2014), and a ton of safety features*. Bluetooth will probably be installed next week. I'm very excited :-)

(it's going to be shipped to Alabama, courtesy of Curtis' new employer :-)

Now we just have to insure it... I hate insurance companies of all kinds. Necessary evil, unfortunately.

*I don't have the best driving luck so safety and size was key this time around. This car is replacing my dream Mustang Convertible, which sadly sacrificed itself to save my life when we were hit by a big rig truck last November.

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Addy said...

Congrats on your beautiful new car! It sounds like the color might be similar to the color of Ed's car :). I think that's the car Ed's mom has, and it really is a great model.

And how lovely that it will be shipped for you!

sam c.hart jr said...

Your car looks great! Thanks for the correction on the color. We thought you and Curtis had the same color cars. Our Rav-4 has been an excellent car and I love it!

Christine said...

@Adelyn - I thought Ed had the lighter green color Prius?
We had a nice time taking it out to Palm Desert, lots of room, good sound system :-)