Sunday, June 26, 2011


Two very close and longtime friends, Juls & Elisa, just got engaged within the past two weeks and will be Mrs. Lund and Mrs. Spencer respectively by next summer. Very, very fun :-)

Elisa, me and Adelyn at my Bachelorette (I wish I had one where she was looking more at the camera, but she looks great here so I hope she doesn't mind, nice headband, Adelyn ;-) )
Courtney, Tracy, Juls, and me at the Orange Bowl
It's strange, when I got engaged back in the Stone Age at the age of 22, I thought I was unusually young to be getting married at 23. Time sure does fly, as both friends will be 27 when they marry next year, and we will have been married for 3 years as of then. A bunch of us are becoming old married ladies!

As for old married mommies... I think we still have a few years before that...hopefully, since I want my traveling buddies available as long as possible!!

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