Thursday, June 16, 2011

Funny how things change...

For the past 4 months, I've worked out more than, probably most of my life (except for my last year in college, when I worked out more than I studied...)

The last three weeks have been difficult in terms of working out. I got a nasty cold which made it difficult to do anything, including study. Then, on the superficial side, I had my hair professionally straightened when it was dyed, and it would have been ruined by a Jillian Michaels warm-up. So I decided to abstain from working out until it started looking gross, which was probably two days ago, but laziness (combined with three root canals - seriously) pushed it to today.

So, today, I finally got the motivation to put in a video. I decided on the easiest workout from Jillian's newest video, Ripped in 30. When I first tried this workout, I had just finished my 30 Day Shred goal, so I was in pretty good shape and Level 1 of this video was easy. It's Funny how easily your body reverts when you don't work out! My entire upper body today is exhausted, my cardio, which is already bad, was really bad. But I survived :-). Looking forward to working out through the weekend and getting my weekly totals back up to 4-5 days a week.

Plus, I'll be laying by the pool studying a week from today, so that's added incentive to get it going again. At least my body still looks decent, even if it FEELS weaker.

It's also funny how my standards have changed. The idea that I would be down on the fact that I haven't worked out as much lately, even though I still managed to get in at least one good workout a week since graduation, is indicative how my body AND my mind have changed. I think I've enjoyed so much progress, both in my body shape and in my muscular strength, that I'm scared of completely losing all this progress. I hope this motivation continues through July! (although I will let myself off the hook if I don't completely make it, as long as I pass the Bar, right?)

In other news, Curtis' last day is tomorrow, and then he is off for three weeks before he leaves for Alabama. He's planning to work out during his time off, so I'm hoping to supplement my videos with short sessions on the treadmill or elliptical with him, to really try and get fit before July, when Bar prep really gets crazy.

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sam c.hart jr said...

I can totally tell when I don't keep with the workout thing. It is much harder to start up again.