Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Set of Setbacks but I survived :-)

On Monday evening, I suddenly realized that my right wrist was super stiff. I told Curtis that it hurt to bend backwards and forwards. We looked up the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, and it looked like it probably wasn't that, but I was still concerned, but decided to sleep on it.

Tuesday I took my last final (!!) which was fine, but I didn't feel like my wrist had gotten any better, so a bought a sports brace to put on, to see if some rest would do some good.

Something like this, to stabilize it, and to remind me not to lift things with that hand :-)
Today (Wednesday), I got the workout bug, and tried to see if I can get into a plank position - turns out, I basically can't put any weight on that wrist, it just isn't strong enough..... UGH! That wrist has always been relatively weaker, and even though I hadn't worked out in 4 days, I must have tweaked it somehow*. I had one Ripped in 30 Workout left, and I had just bought a Jillian Michaels for K-Swiss sports bra to do it in (she wears them in the video), and I could not get into a normal plank position.

I obviously don't look this good yet, but compared to when I started in February, I look much better :-) The bra is very fun and fits well :-) Obviously I don't go out in public with just a sports bra on, but it's fun for working out at home and seeing my progress, my tummy is so much flatter!
So, after watching an Oprah show about weight loss (those always motivate me, I should watch one every day), I decided that just because I can't do a Jillian workout doesn't mean I can't work up a sweat. So, I put on my running shoes and went to the gym here in the apartment complex and decided to try the treadmill, for the first time in months! It wasn't too bad, my legs and abs felt good, but my cardio wasn't as good as I expected. But it occurred to me while there, that using the treadmill afterburn, I should go back and do the video, and just modify or skip the moves on my wrist. So, after a sub-13 minute mile (not bad not great for me cold turkey), I went back, and put in my Ripped in 30 DVD.

Except that it turns out that my Ripped in 30 DVD is now ripped in half! There's a giant crack in it!!! So, I sadly went over to my computer and ordered myself a new DVD (only $10, and I get free 2-day shipping on Amazon), and decided to do Level 3 of the old 30 Day Shred, thinking I'd get a good workout and minimize the plank interruptions.

It turned out that I didn't have to modify much, and that I could hang in plank on my forearms during the plank and push up moves. That ended up being as hard if not harder than what the video called for, so between the mile jog and the intense 30 minute workout, I felt pretty tired at the end, and quite satisfied. But it's a bummer to not do everything full out, and I missed my Week 4 Ripped in 30 workout, so I hope my wrist heals soon. And perhaps today will get me to do more treadmill cardio while studying for the bar!

Enough procrastinating for me, now I need to go write a 10 page paper within the next 28 hours :-)

*I am worried that I am getting a repetitive stress injury... we will see in the next week how it holds up, but talk about timing right?! Just before Bar Prep... at least it's not my writing hand.

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