Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A post about Kenny

Since the absence of a Facebook profile has left my friends and family without a picture album of our beloved doggy, I thought I'd do a quick post about him.

Kenny continues to be a very spirited dog full of personality. Our latest challenge is making sure he gets enough exercise so that he doesn't get bored and into mischief during my long studying days. The three day weekend worked out well, because we took him to the dog park for long play sessions on Saturday and Monday, and on Saturday he had young cousins to play with. So, today he has been really easy and all he wants to do is sleep. I'll probably try to get him to the park for at least a few minutes tonight, since I start bar class again tomorrow.

His hair is coming in, and with that, a slight wave, as well as that Carmel color that is unique to the Bichon breed.

Curtis and I continue to disagree on how much food he should get, I give him less than a scoop and Curtis gives him a heaping scoop. Thankfully, we each feed him about half the time, and he seems perfectly happy and healthy.

Curtis and I have become quite smitten, it has been particularly fun watching Curtis embrace the role of doggy-daddy. Every night the three of us spend a few minutes cuddling in bed together before we send Kenny to bed in his crate. He came at the perfect time in our lives, and I know that my mood has greatly improved thanks to his company. We say that someday if we have a yard we might get Kenny a doggy brother or sister to keep him company, probably another Bichon, but we'll see. On August 24, he will have been with us for a year already!

Have a good week :-)

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