Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bar Studying - The Plan, Part I

Bar Study Starts Monday, May 16! Let's look at what I've already thought about:

I will definitely give up: Facebook and Blog Stalking
That's right, I will be disabling my Facebook from mid-May to the end of July. Partly because I've grown bored with it, and so it does waste my time. But, as you see below, I will stay on Twitter. Blog stalking is much more interesting than Facebook, but it doesn't really matter in my life and does take up some time, so I'll have to resist that temptation.

I will likely ration: my television consumption
The good thing is most of my shows aren't on during the summer anyway, and I haven't been watching that much TV lately anyway. But I'll probably eliminate Reality TV and just watch some Sports, like the NBA playoffs (although the Lakers and Celtics are making it easy for me right now, both down 0-2 in their respective conference semi-finals...ugh!)

For the sake of sanity, I will keep: Twitter.
I love Twitter b/c it's an efficient way for me to stay connected w/ the outside world. I think Twitter will be a useful tool during this time.

Subsequent parts will look at study schedules, plans to maintain a good amount of sleep and fitness, what I need to actually take the exam at the end of July (like a new computer?) and what to do about Kenny on days that I have class in LA all day.

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