Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Phone is missing...

If you're trying to reach me on my cell phone, bad news: it's missing. I know I had it in the car on the way from the airport last night, but we stopped at Togos and at CVS before we got to the apartment so it might have been dropped somewhere. Luckily it was locked (always lock your smartphone!) and I was able to easily disable it via the ATT website. But, I am without my electronic BFF.

Curtis is letting me use his since he also has a blackberry, so if you're trying to reach me, call his phone, or email me.

Will update once I either A) find my phone, or B) find my old iPhone and take it into ATT to be activated (because that one is also missing, since I didn't really care what happened to it after I got the iPhone 4...)

And, look for pictures from our trip, likely to be on the other blog.

UPDATE: I reactivated my old iPhone so my number is now back in service. Haven't completely given up hope that my iPhone 4 will turn up, but it was time to move on... :-) 

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The Smith Family said...

It's a sick feeling isn't it??? I lost my phone once on a 4wheeler ride. It was luckily found by someone and returned to me, but I like how you worded it "electronic bff". It's so true! Hope you find it!