Thursday, March 24, 2011

April 2011 - The month of fun

April is shaping up to be good - and it better be, since the three months after that will be finals and the Bar...
3/31: Wicked at OC performing arts center
4/8: Law Prom (not for sure going but thinking about it)
4/13: Turrentine Reception (honoring students who received clerkships...more about that later ;-)
4/14-17: Trip to DC w/ Juls to see Tracy (super exciting - I love visiting that city)
3/22: 3L Gala
3/24: Easter (my favorite holiday)
3/27: Order my cap and gown!!!

Of course, I have papers to write and finals to study for, but that's all secondary :-)


~Marjorie Webb said...

...and James and Marjorie Coming to town 4:11-4:15...most likely! Yay!

Christine said...

Yay! It's on my calendar. Hopefully we can hang out on that Monday or Tuesday night.