Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monday Updates - 10/6/2008

I am fresh off a very pleasant and relaxing weekend. Curtis and I finally got some low key time together to study, watch TV, go out, and eat! On Friday night we went to this BBQ place - Wood Ranch, at the Grove where I had beef ribs, baked beans, a baked potato, and flourless chocolate cake for dessert! Saturday was a lazy day, where we watched college football and only ventured out for food. But I got a lot of studying done and a lot of cleaning actually.

Sunday was the day we ventured out. Curtis had been wanting to go to UCLA campus to pick up some stuff from the Bookstore, so we made an afternoon out of it.

These pictures were actually taken with my iPhone! Not bad, actually. We walked up to Royce Hall and back, and then went to Innout and Diddy Riese. Then I decided that I wanted to see the La Brea Tar Pits once and for all, since they're close to my house, so we went there and walked around. Not much to see if you don't want to put up the admission cost to the actual museum, but we did get to see some asphalt (it's not actually tar) bubbling up from the ground via methane air bubbles (I had to look this stuff up when we got back). Plus it was a gorgeous afternoon and there's a ton of open space. I'm sure we'll make more trips there and to the other museums nearby.

This week is only 3 days because of our mid-semester break: Thursday I'll be in Mission Viejo and Friday-Sunday I'll be in the Bay Area for Stanford Homecoming with Curtis! So a busy but fun week ahead.

That's all for now, have a good week!

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