Friday, October 26, 2007

Weekend Plans

When I came back from SoCal on Monday, I thought, well, at least this next weekend should be quiet!

Except that I had forgotten that I was going to be house/ferret/dog sitting this weekend.

This was actually a blessing in disguise, for several reasons:
1. I love getting out of town on weekends, its a huge stress reliever, and it makes the weekend feel longer
2. It gives me something to do, as I hate being bored.
3. I get to play with animals, which is something I love to do but don't have animals of my own.
4. Being stuck in Santa Clara over Sunday will help me chill out and work on my personal statement.

However, there are (as always) downsides:
1. I think I am getting sick, and it sucks when you can't sleep in your own bed when you're sick
2. Because I think I'm getting sick and am allergic to fur, I have to bring a ton of medication with me to control the symptoms
3. I can't go out on Saturday night because I have to get to Santa Clara at a reasonable hour. (but since I'm feeling sick, I probably wouldn't feel like being out until 5:30am anyway)

I've looked after the ferret before (his name is Simba :-) so I'm looking forward to seeing him, he's really fun to hang out with and he has his own room that he can play in. I just met the dog last night, and she's so fun, I'm excited to see her tomorrow! Plus the house is nice so it'll be like a mini vacation for one.

Other plans include listening to the Stanford-Oregon State game on the radio, and possibly attending the Stanford Men's basketball scrimmage tomorrow at 1pm. Tonight I need to gather up some energy to do laundry and tidy up my room, because it's really getting out of hand =).

Have a good weekend! ~Christine

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