Sunday, April 15, 2012

So what's new?

- Work is super busy. I will be there for part of the afternoon today. 

- Curtis and I will be in the Bay Area next weekend for Juls' wedding. I'm very excited to be back and to see friends. 

- I finally got Instagram, so I'm playing around with that.  See my twitter feed for links to pictures (if you're not on Facebook).

- The weather here has been AMAZING. As in, 80 degrees and sunny, but not too humid.  We're crossing our fingers for another month of this before the humidity kicks in. 

- I officially dropped a pant size, have lost just under 20 pounds, including 10% of my starting weight, feel comfortable wearing shorts for the first time in years and am feeling good, strong and healthy. Looking forward to losing the next 25-30.

- I just bought a foam roller a few weeks ago and have been using it after most workouts, particularly on my legs and lower back.  I think it has really helped mitigate the day-to-day pain. 

Have a good week! 


Adelyn said...

Glad for the update! Congrats again on the weight loss - that's awesome :). Now that we're going to be having a pool (and living in a place where I'll want to be wearing tank tops and shorts quite often, I'm hoping it'll be some strong motivation to get back in shape :) ).

Have such a great time at the wedding, I'm sorry to be missing you!

Christine said...

Get back in shape? Didn't you just run a marathon?