Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest Update

I just took down my Pinterest site.

Why? In the craze of it all, I hadn't considered the Copyright ramifications.  Pinterest is a great idea, but the reality of it is, there is no control over what happens to the photos you upload, and you have to be very careful about violating copyright law.  Without saying what I had put up there, I'm not sure that I had legal permission to pin or re-pin ANYTHING, and could have been sued by any number of people for what I re-pinned.

And when you sign up, the site tells you that they will not be responsible for any kind of liability, and that if they get sued because of something you pin, you have to pay for their legal defense.

So, to my friends, please be careful about what you Pin on that site, that you actually have permission to share any photos you upload, and that the photos you re-pin are also posted with permission.  Or, be like me and get off the site or just become a passive observer.

I may be overly paranoid, but:
1. I am a lawyer, so this is kinda in my wheelhouse and we're naturally paranoid AND cynical.*
2. I read a few articles that convinced me. See Here and Here if you're interested.

*Note that this blog does not constitute legal advice!  (I know it's silly but I have to say it)


sam c.hart jr said...

Thank you for this post. It is good that you sharing your finds and personal sensitivities. I think it is great. P.S. I love the new little link to the family blog. Kenny is so cute.

Jo said...

I had heard rumblings about this, and reading the articles you linked pushed me over the edge to cancel my Pinterest account too. Thanks Christine!

Marjorie Webb said...

Thanks for this. I wish that everyone understood copyright laws. I deal with this EVERYDAY..."I bought the picture i can copy it", not true! I didn't get on pintrest and now i will for sure not be on it!