Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games

One of these days I'll have to make a list of the movies I've seen at midnight. It's getting quite long (Harry Potter, Spiderman, Pirates, X-Files 2, more Harry Potter).

I saw Hunger Games last night - I think it's the first movie I've seen since moving to Alabama.  I saw it at this cool 100-year old theater in downtown Mobile called the Crescent, where they serve beer and wine in addition to the typical popcorn and candy and the owner talks about the movie before he begins the screening (for this one he talked about how it's getting great reviews, unlike Twilight).

The movie was great (I loved the book), but I'm too tired to go into it more than that for now except to say that the casting was actually quite brilliant, and it was definitely worth the fatigue this morning.

Have a good weekend! Curtis gets back tomorrow evening.


Adelyn said...

Glad to hear it was great! And, that sounds like a really fun time.

How violent was it? I'm really excited to see it, but I'm a bit sqeamish about how potentially violent it could be.

I'm sure you're happy that Curtis is returning :)

Christine said...

Good question - I was worried too. I think having read it will help. I did look away for parts of it (especially right when the the games begin and half the field is killed), but not as often as I expected that I'd need to. They actually do a really good job of cutting away from the actual gore or using chaotic shots or closeups of faces so that you can't really see everything.

Not that this applies to us, but I would caution against taking younger teens unless they really understand the themes of the book, because without the context, watching kids kill each other was very different than reading about kids killing each other.

sam c.hart jr said...

Ever since I heard about those books a couple of years ago, I have had no interest in them whatsoever!

Glad to hear Curtis is coming home this weekend. I was going to text him. I looked on the world clock and it is almost midnight in Hamburg.

Looking forward to our vacation in Alabama! See you soon!