Monday, January 28, 2008

Planning a Wedding (481 days to go!)

After seeing "27 dresses" and looking at more wedding stuff, I'm beginning to understand why it's so stressful and why seemingly friendly women turn into "bridezillas". I was flipping through save-the-date samples and it occurred to me: this is the only save-the-date I will ever choose. Of course, I realize that not all marriages last, but your second wedding is never as big as the first, so everything that I choose - from the attendants to the flowers to the dress, will be the first and last decision I make in this category. So I'm torn between choosing the first thing that is remotely right and waiting for the "perfect" invitation or the "perfect" dress to appear before my eyes.

So, I promise not to be difficult, but understand that I'm trying to make decisions that will make me happy for years to come. Of course, I already made the crucial right decision: which guy to spend my life with =).

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