Thursday, January 26, 2012


This isn't my Board. I do have Boards devoted to Pink, Seafoam Green (my current obsession thanks to a pair of Oscar de la Renta Sunglasses I saw, which are pinned on my board), and Blue. I might have to add a Yellow board. 

I joined Pinterest this week.  It's just as good as I expected.

(note - I was on the waiting list and had to wait 2 days to get my account)

The best way to describe it is a bulletin board where you steal people's pictures (and put up some of your own, but it's mostly stealing) and compile them for your own inspiration/commentary/whatever.

One thing I like is it's less personal, so it's not as awkward to follow people who put up neat things but whom you don't know, or only know through other people.  It's similar to Twitter in that way.

I didn't think it was guy-friendly, and to a certain extent I still don't, but I have seen some very cool boards put up by men on topics like design, architecture, etc.  But, lets face it, 85% of the content is women-driven.

 I took the advantage of putting up a few of my own pictures that do not show faces (except for Kenny's), such as details from our wedding (the cake, bouquets, etc.), since I know that Pinterest is a popular destination for brides (I would have loved it using it during my planning process!). I have already had a handful of people "repin" those pictures, which is fun.

I heard (read) a comment (;-)) about it, that it promotes an idealistic woman - one who is constantly making complex recipes, crafts, and utilizing amazing taste in decor and clothing, all while having dozens of children. That is true.  Is it worse than most of the mom/homemaker/perfect woman blogs I stumble upon? I'm not sure yet. But I like looking at the pretty rooms and wreaths, knowing that while my own skills and taste will never measure up, I can incorporate aspects of the ideas I see into my own aesthetic.

Overall I think it's the most creative outlet for those of us who love social networking, and I predict that many hours will be wasted over the next several months/years on it.

Have you used Pinterest? What do you think? Would love to hear your comments.


Jo said...

Hmm, I've heard that comment somewhere too... :)

I love it though. My favorite part about it is seeing what my friends and family are interested in and what their tastes are. And I'm a sucker for hair tutorials.

~Marjorie Webb said...

I haven't joined. I already give my self tons of projects to do. ALthough I have thought about joining. Probably one day though.