Friday, January 20, 2012

Mardi Gras Ball(s)

We have been invited to one ball so far in Daphne.  We might go to another in Mobile that "everyone goes to."

(now that Wikipedia is available again, thank goodness, here's a good explanation of Mardi Gras in Mobile)

We're going easy on the Balls this year so we can enjoy the parades and I can pass the Alabama Bar Exam, which takes place one week after Mardi Gras Day, which is a holiday for my office (perhaps the start of Lent will make everyone solemn, creating a good last-minute study environment for yours truly).

I got my first Mardi Gras Ball gown in the mail yesterday.  Bought it from David's Bridal on Amazon for about $85, including shipping.  It's purple, and it fits. Yay :-)

(Now I just need to take it to the tailor to get 3 inches chopped off the bottom)

(And we need to rent Curtis' White Tie tux....)

(And I need Shoes...)

Have a good weekend!

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sam c.hart jr said...

Sounds like fun to get all dressed up. Can't wait to see the blogs on it.