Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ripped in 30 Update

UPDATE 4/29: Obviously if you've been following my log, I had quite the break. Long story short, I had a little too much fun at the 3L Law School Gala last Friday night*, and spent two days recovering (I think I lost 3 lbs in about 3 days because of it...seriously), at which point there were some other personal issues that came up and I had to set aside my workouts for a few days to regroup and focus on finals. It didn't help either that I really didn't enjoy Week 3. But, I've watched Week 4 and I can't wait to start it tomorrow because as challenging as it looks, I love the moves! I tried to start it today but my legs were having none of it...

So, My new end date, barring another day off (which I might take if my body starts breaking), is next Thursday! I haven't yet decided for sure what to do next, but I think for the week leading up to my graduation, I'm going to mix it up and do a different JM workout each day from both videos. Then when I start bar studying, I'll start the Six Week Six Pack!

*I'm beginning to think that I just have a really sensitive stomach, but I suppose some personal accountability is always advisable.

I am halfway through Week 3, and am officially dying. Week 2 was tough because I really couldn't do some of the moves unmodified. For week 3, I can actually do all but one move unmodified, but this workout is so hard, especially on my legs and butt, that my muscles LITERALLY CANNOT FINISH. I essentially limp my way through the final 3 minutes. I hope that I can convince my body to finish better these next 3 reps, and convince my mind that I'll be able to start Week 4 on schedule next Monday. Thankfully, I'm not too sore between workouts.

I can only imagine how hard this workout would feel if I wasn't coming off of 3.5 months of intense training...

In other news, Curtis and I entered the drawing for the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco in October. You can enter until Friday, so if you're interested, let me know and I'll give you our group code. It's expensive, but you get Nike gear and a Tiffany's Necklace!

Will do a post on my DC trip soon, but I'm getting into Finals Season (which will be immediately followed by Bar studying... ack!).

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