Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Updates - 8/24/09

Today is the first day of my second year! It's amazing how time flies. I thought I'd do a quick update while I'm waiting for my first class to begin (Business Organizations). 

Law School - 
It's funny how much less prepared I am for the second year. I don't have any books, I don't have a locker, and I don't have parking. But at least I'm here. I'm hoping to spend the next few days getting all of that straightened out. I'm taking four classes: Biz Orgs, Criminal Procedure, California Civil Procedure, and Evidence. I'm also doing Moot Court so I will be sufficiently busy. 

Job Search - 
OCI (On-Campus Interviewing) went as well as expected. I knew that I would be lucky to get any callbacks because of how selective the employers are this year, and I got one. It was with a firm in San Francisco, which is an exciting prospect. I interviewed last Wednesday. I doubt I got an offer, since I haven't heard anything yet, but you never know. I also have an interview this Friday with my old firm, and I am very excited about that. It's a great job opportunity, and I will be happy to see everyone again. On top of that, I need to start applying for externships with the local judges for next semester.

Life - 
I have been very busy the last few weeks. Marjorie's wedding was a week ago and this past Saturday we had an open house at her local church. It was fun spending time with the bride and groom since we didn't see as much of them last weekend when we were in Utah. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend though after my trip to the bay area this Friday. 

Have a good week! 

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sam c.hart jr said...

We sure enjoyed seeing you and Curtis this weekend. Thanks for all the help. Best wishes for a good week.