Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Updates - 4/1/2009

Happy April! I'm getting married next month...crazy!

Weekend - The highlight of my weekend was attending Law Prom in Hollywood. It's a formal the school has every year. It ended up being quite the crazy night, and we spend half of Sunday recovering before I had to finish my last paper for legal writing. Here's a picture :-)

I had fun curling my hair for the event. Since I'm cutting most of my hair off after the wedding, it was good to do something fun with it before it all went away.

Law School: April means outlining time! I have to buckle down and spend my spare time studying for exams. At this point I'm trying to clean up my apartment and get personal things done so that I can focus on studying. And I'm starting to organize my school stuff so I can prepare for exams.

Wedding: we've started receiving the RSVP's! We have about 25 people attending so far, not bad for the first week. There are a few things I need to get done this weekend (contact the DJ for one) and then I'll probably go (mostly) quiet until finals are over.

Have a good week!

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