Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I applied to 2 law schools last Saturday, Santa Clara & Loyola. They were good test balloons to make sure I had the process down.

I attended a law school conference at Stanford yesterday and talked with admissions representatives. I added a new school to my applications, American University in Washington, D.C. Every time I mention an new potential law school outside of CA my family (and Curtis) gets nervous. However I'm still focusing on CA law schools and I hope to finish my main applications this weekend.

My list as of now is:
Loyola (done)
Santa Clara (done)
Pepperdine (I had a bad experience with the recruiter yesterday so I'm rethinking this application)
George Washington
Arizona (got a fee waiver so I'm applying)
Washington (Seattle)

I'm also looking at Penn & Iowa, but I'm not too excited about their locations.

In other news, I'm coming to Mission Viejo for Thanksgiving! I'm home on Tuesday night and will be in town until Monday morning. I'm very excited =)

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