Monday, November 26, 2007

Day After Vacation

I'm back at work after a 5-day Thanksgiving weekend. I was fortunate enough to see a bunch of family that I don't typically see, including 2 aunts & 3 cousins who live outside of CA (well, technically one is a Frosh as Cal Poly, so she's now only a few hours away!) My cousin Courtney and I had a ton of fun staying up on Thursday night planning our Vegas trip and eating leftovers (in our defense, we just watched The Birds for the first time and were a little freaked out)

We went to D-Land on Wednesday (I was sad that the anniversary show was gone); we did the thanksgiving thing on Thursday and Friday (sadly I'm growing weary of stuffing); Curtis and I went out to dinner and then shopping on Saturday (El Torito Grill in Mission Viejo); and Sunday some family friends came over for dinner, and I went to Curtis' house to see his mom before I came back (plus i took a nap!)

Now it's back to reality, I have a lot of work at work the next few weeks, but there are personal events to look forward to. I'm re-taking the LSAT & going to Big Game (Stanford-Cal football) on Saturday, there are a few Stanford basketball games coming up, I'm extremely close to being done w/ my applications (5 down, 6 to go!), and I'm flying back to MV on Dec. 8 for Curtis' company holiday party. Plus, I'm getting my bonus on the 15th and Christmas is coming, which is always fun. Plus, I'm finally going to try and get back on a workout routine, becuase I think that will keep me sane in the coming weeks. If I can balance that with work and a TV schedule (which will soon disappear if the writers continue to strike), I'll be in good shape.

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