Thursday, August 29, 2013

Welcome to Philly!

It's been almost two weeks since we drove into the city to pick up my keys for my Philly pad.  I suppose I should document this time for posterity ...

On Thursday morning, August 15, we jumped into my Rav4 (which was purchased for this very endeavor) and started driving to Alexandria, Virginia, about 16 hours.

[I should also note that I finally had that emotional "moment," taking Kenny for his last walk around our neighborhood.  Generally I've been too busy to work through any emotions about leaving, but I am sad to leave my apartment, friends, and community in Alabama.]

To Curtis' extreme credit, he did most of the driving, pointing out towards the end of the day that he really wanted to do the lion share of the driving since he didn't have time to help me prep for the move and he knew that I was pretty worn out.

Kenny did really well on the drive, we set up his bed in the backseat and he slept a lot, and spent quality time with us as well.  We stayed at a hotel in Alexandria (for about 8 hours total) and it was pretty hilarious to see Kenny run around the hotel room, trying to figure out where we were and why we were there!

On Friday morning, we drove the rest of the way to Philadelphia, and then it got crazy! We had precious few hours to 1) get my keys, 2) get a TV because cable was coming to install everything, and 3) figure out what we were going to sleep on that first night! We managed to do all three and I made an initial Target run that night for the rest of our necessities.

My apartment is small but probably bigger than necessary since it's just me. I have a futon for guests to feel free to plan a trip to visit! It's

We spent the rest of the weekend putting furniture together and resting.  Monday morning we both dropped Kenny off at his new daycare, Curtis drove to Herndon, Virginia for work, and I started my clerkship!

So far so good, it's a really relaxed work atmosphere (like, really relaxed), and we're doing well.  The toughest part of the move has been getting Kenny adjusted but after 2 weeks we're SO MUCH BETTER. This weekend I hope to see some family and watch college football, so life goes on.

The other big adjustment has been the walking, in the heat no less. Between taking Kenny to daycare and walking to work, I get about 1.5-2 miles of walking in per day, at least.  Last night I did about 2 miles to meet someone for dinner.  So I can feel my better getting stronger and adapting, but it hasn't been easy on my 28-year-old overweight body.  I hope to take advantage of the increase in activity to lose some weight (as also recommended by my new local doctor and supported by a high cholesterol number...*sigh*), but I'm deferring that effort until I feel a little better about getting through the day-to-day.

The other funny thing about the last 3 weeks has been my obsession with The Big Bang Theory.  Seriously, I'm one season away from OWNING the entire series. I can't believe I didn't get into this show sooner, but it's a pretty funny development to come out of this summer (not unlike my obsession with Law and Order: Criminal Intent while studying for the Bar in 2011).

Anyway, I hope to post pictures soon, but I wanted to give an update on life. Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

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Adelyn said...

Glad to hear Kenny is feeling more settled (and so are you!). We're also watching football over here - Ed's excited about UCLA's start to the season :).