Thursday, May 2, 2013

Final Four Trip + Auburn

You might have heard, Syracuse Men's Basketball was in the Final Four and I went with my parents to it in Atlanta.  They were in Mobile anyway, so we took the 5-hour drive to the ATL. 

We got there, dropped off our stuff, and caught the closest subway into Downtown, where we attended a Syracuse pre-game party. 

Band, Cheer and, of course, Otto, were there. 

The cheerleaders thought my mom's 80's cheer jacket was pretty awesome. 
I insisted on taking a picture in front of the "C" in "NCAA," a monument to the biggest Sham/Scam in US popular culture. 

I couldn't help but take a picture of those ridiculous Louisville Cardinals Pants. 

Our seats were not cheap, but they were pretty good for the price.  The guy behind me threatened to call security when I stood up at the beginning of the game (an SU tradition) ... that was nice. 

We lost, but it was worth the trip, it's a great event if you ever have the opportunity to go. 

On our way back from Atlanta we stopped at Auburn University. You may have heard of Toomer's Corner and Toomer's Oaks, they're the trees that are covered in toilet paper after major athletic wins and other events (they rolled the corner on election night last year).  Anyway, because a crazy Alabama fan poisoned the trees a few years ago, they were finally taken down about a week ago.  We were able to go see them just before that, and I got a picture with what was left of them after being ravaged by poison the last few years: 

The campus itself is beautiful, and our weather was pretty awesome for the visit. 

Jordan-Hare Stadium

The Cam Newton Statute

We also made a stop in Montgomery to see the Martin Luther King Church and Alabama State University.  One nice thing about this trip was the opportunity for my parents to see more of what the state looks like, how rural it really is once you get outside of the cities. It was a quick trip, but very fun.  

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Glad you had such a nice trip!