Monday, November 26, 2012

Updates to Family Blog

I finally took some time today to blog about our fall on the Christine & Curtis Blog.  Going into Christmastime, it was a nice exercise in looking back at the fun things we did, aside from our multiple trips around the country for work/sad family reasons. 

It's hard to look at September-November 2012 without some sadness and, frankly, trauma.  I even made the decision to include a reference to it in some of our Christmas card messages - it was just too big a deal to ignore.  But I did not want to forget to document what else happened during the same period.  Among other things, we had a friendly face come to visit at the end of September, Christine's Stanford Class of '07 reunion in October, a meet up with a good friend in New Orleans later that month, and a nice visit for Thanksgiving which was capped off with the Stanford-UCLA game in the Rose Bowl last Saturday.  And of course, plenty of Kenny in-between.  

So please enjoy those posts (as late as they are) as much as I have enjoyed posting them. 

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Adelyn said...

wonderful to hear about what you've been up to :). Hope we can catch up soon!