Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Updates 10/19/09

Not much to report, but I have a few pictures so I thought I'd post.

Family Weekend - we spent Saturday and Sunday in Mission Viejo. It was really nice to be there and had a good time. Some highlights included going to the driving range, playing basketball, eating great food, and hanging out with our families. We brought home our wedding album which was fun to look at with our parents. We'll probably be back in 2 weeks for Halloween, and we're looking forward to that.

(that's my dad, and my golf bag, which is pink :-)

School - is going well, much different than the first year. I'm doing a lot more writing than last year, which is good practice but not very fun. I'm still applying for externships for second semester, in lieu of taking classes.

Married Life - I always get asked "how's married life?!" Well, it's good, definitely different. I'm glad that we waited until we were married to live together, because it's a wonderful experience that would have already happened. At the same time, it can be a hard adjustment, figuring out how to divide up the chores, how much time to spend together, versus apart, etc. We're also in a unique situation with me in school, because it means that I'm home a lot, whereas Curtis works 40-45 hours a week and spends 10 hours a week in the car commuting. But, as time goes on I think we've adjusted, and it's a work in progress. And at the end of the day, we're still very much in love, and have a great deal of respect for one other, so we're good :-).

Future plans - next weekend is Stanford Homecoming! We're very excited about that. We're driving up on Saturday (the game is at night), will do the homecoming tailgate and game, stacks in the morning and then head back. We're also hoping to get to Disneyland for Halloween time before the end of the month. And then it will be November and time to buckle down for finals.

Have a good week!

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