Saturday, May 30, 2009

A few other random happenings

I finally got the pictures from my camera and here a few notables.

The picture above is our new living room. After we got our new TV (very exciting), I didn't think it would work on the wall where the old TV was. So with Curtis' help we moved everything around and I'm surprised by how happy I am about the outcome! And yes, that is Harry Potter on the TV.

About two weeks ago, Curtis and I brought most of his belonging up to the apartment so that we could move most of his stuff in before the wedding. On the way we stopped at Ikea and bought him a new desk and chair (which he is currently sitting at playing WoW).

I finally got the pictures off of my own camera, and here is a great one from the day before the wedding. A bunch of us went down to Laguna to eat at Las Brisas.

And finally, here is the picture of our wedding invitation that we sent to President and Mrs. Obama. According to, the President's social office typically enjoys receiving invitations and will send something back.

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sam c.hart jr said...

Cool pictures. Glad you like the arrangementpf your frontroom.